Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Punk On The Run eCard

Who are you people? Keep it short, I don't have all day.

There's two of us actually. We share a background in graphic design and web development. This site is a place where we get to play around with sketches, drawings, collages and photographs that lie around idly at our studio. We figured we might as well share them with you, so we offer them up as eCards, warts 'n all.

  • Bearded Zen Guru eCard

No ads anywhere? You guys are a bunch of hippies.

We used to have ads plastered up the wazoo in here, but to be honest: it never felt right. What little revenue came from them wasn't worth giving up the site's overall design in the end. Besides, it's not a playground if you're trying to make money out of something, right? We both have day-jobs, so we'll be okay. You're free to send us a donation though, as a token of your appreciation. Oh, and there's swag available on CafePress! Wait, now I sound like a hippie...

  • Write Me Call Me eCard

My email, it is safe? You're making money by selling my email!

Your email is perfectly safe with us. We do not sell it to third parties, or spam you with "newsletters".
We're not in it for the money. Relax.

  • Trying To Grow A Chin eCard

The card I sent was never picked up. I hate you guys with a passion.

We're sorry, really. But hey, this is the internets. Things can and will sometimes go wrong... For instance:

  • You misspelled the recipient's email address
  • The recipient no longer uses the email address you entered
  • The notification to the recipient jumped straight into her spam folder, never to be seen again
  • There was an outage on our server which prevented us from sending out the notification
  • We didn't think your message was funny, so we deleted it. Kidding!

  • Bettie Page eCard

I received a very rude card. I wish to make a complaint.

Again, we're sorry—even though we clearly disclaim any responsibility for messages being sent through our site. However, if you really feel offended by the content of a card someone sent you, or if you suspect you've been hit by a spammer, go ahead and drop us a note at this address, and we'll have a closer look.

  • Nicolas eCard

Can I use your cards for my fill-in-the-blank? Pretty please?


As stated, all cards are © 2023 Weirdo Cards and as such, they may not be reproduced anywhere else. If you really really want to use one for whatever project it is you're working on, drop us a note and we'll have a talk.

  • Code Guru eCard

What technology is used on this site? I'm a geek, and I need to know.

The management would like to thank the following frameworks for their indispensable help: Twitter Bootstrap for core CSS, jQuery for JavaScript on steroids, and the awesomesauce that is CodeIgniter for everything that goes on behind the curtains. Hosting provided by the incomparable Dreamhost.

  • Dave Shea eCard

Who is that guy to the left? Haven't a clue.

Ah, glad you asked.

His name is Dave Shea, and he is an incredibly talented webdesigner. Consider it a small tribute to a personal hero.